How to fasten your deck with the hidden deck fasteners

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Mark the support wood or distance of the substructure on the back of the decking board and drill the fasteners on the marked points .

Step 1

To do this, place the fasteners against the stop pin and drill in the first screw (5 x 17 mm) through the middle hole and tighten it properly.

Important: Tighten screws only with torque, never overtighten and never predrill!

When fastening in the outer slotted holes, the wood moisture content must be taken into account (you must ask your wood dealer about this) so that the screws can adapt to the behavior of the wood.

a) Depending on the plank width, select suitable slotted holes (2 screws for No. 4929-02, 3 screws for No. 4924-01 and 3 or 4 screws for No. 4929-01).

b) In case of normal wood moisture, screw in the screw in the middle of the slotted hole (pos. B). This allows the screw to move inwards (dry phase) or outwards (wet phase).

c) Wet wood becomes smaller during drying (shrinkage). Screw in the outer area (Pos. A) of the slotted hole so that it can move inwards when the wood shrinks (this increases the fixed distance from plank to plank).

d) Dry wood expands as soon as it gets wet due to precipitation (rain, snow). Tighten the screw in the inner part (pos. C) of the slotted hole so that it can move outwards (this will reduce the fixed distance from plank to plank).

Turn over the other planks with the plank holder installed and push them under the previous plank with the unperforated lug side. Then screw it into the hole with the 5x30 mm screw.

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