Ceiling Hardware

When it comes to installing suspended ceilings, finding the right hangers is crucial for a stable and secure installation. One option to consider is the Früh Starr-U-Hangers, also known as "Nonius" hangers, which have been proven to work on large construction sites worldwide.

These hangers come in adjustable lengths ranging from 100 mm to 5000 mm, allowing for millimeter-precise adjustments. The top part of the hanger, known as the "Nonius" hanger, is available in lengths between 200 mm and 5000 mm and is designed with a rear hole for easy cable routing during installation.

To connect the top and bottom parts of the hanger, we also offer Nonius-bottom parts for wooden frames and various types of metal tracks such as C-profiles, T-profiles, and bandraster profiles. The bottom part and the top part are connected by a safety pin for a secure and precise fit. The wooden frame is then screwed to the bottom part of the hanger.

If you have any questions about our hanger system, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team for comprehensive advice on your next project. With our wide range of adjustable lengths and versatile bottom parts for various types of frames and tracks, you can be sure to find the right hanger for your suspended ceiling installation.