FRUEH fixing clip pan-clip for rhombus profiles facade profiles 85-95 mm

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Fastening clips "Pan-Clip" of the manufacturer FRUEH Schnellbautechnik for rhombus, parallelogram formwork and rhombus profiles made of larch, Douglas fir or spruce.

Available in the following sizes and designs:

For profiles with 85-90mm width

Package content:

50 pieces of clips with 150 pieces of screws 5x17mm
250 pieces of clips with 750 pieces of screws 5x17mm
Size of the fixing clip:

85 - 90mm width: 111x55x10mm (material thickness 1mm)

Quantity formula: Running meters of the profiles / distance of the substructure.

Example: 20m / 0.80m=25 pieces of pan clips