How do i find the right CEILING HANGERS for my ceiling?

How do i find the right CEILING HANGERS for my ceiling?

For stable recessed ceilings, we offer you millimeter-precise adjustable ceiling hangers in suspension ranges from 100 mm to 5000 mm in length. These "Vernier" hangers have already proven themselves millions of times on large construction sites worldwide and are already used by many drywall companies to suspend your domestic ceilings. With this knowledge, you can be sure to make the right choice for hanging your recessed ceiling.


Description of Nonius-Hanger-System:

Top of the ceiling hangers

The Früh "Nonius" hangers (upper parts) are available in lengths between 200 mm and 5000 mm, always ascending by 100 mm, so you can hang with millimeter accuracy (Nonius perforation) with the appropriate lower part for wooden frames or metal rails. All upper parts are manufactured with a rear perforation, so that you can lay cables or similar correctly when mounting the ceiling.
Nonius Top
Bottom parts of ceiling hangers

Nonius bottom parts for wooden frames:

With the vernier bottom parts for wooden frames, you can adjust your ceiling to the millimeter and connect it to the vernier top part in a suspension range of 200 - 5000 mm, because the bottom parts have a vernier perforation throughout (see top part). The upper and lower parts are connected by means of a locking pin (aligned exactly to the millimeter). The wooden frame is then screwed to your lower part.

Nonius lower parts for C-profiles and other metal rails:

The bottom parts for metal rails are available in various designs, depending on which rails you use to fasten your recessed ceiling. In the early delivery program (download below) you will find the bottom parts for some receptacles of your metal rail with the following profiles: C-profiles (CD-profiles), T-profiles, bandraster profiles and more can be found in our store. The assembly with the upper part is the same as with the nonius lower parts for wooden frames.

Nonius bottom

If you have any questions about our suspension system, you can of course contact our customer service. Here you will receive comprehensive advice for your next project and construction site.

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