How do you find the right hidden fasteners for your TONGUE AND GROOVE Board?

How do you find the right hidden fasteners for your TONGUE AND GROOVE Board?

How do I find the right tongue and groove fastener for my profile board?

To find the right fastener for your profiled board, it always depends on these 2 factors:

Groove Cheek Thickness (B):

The groove stringer thickness (B) describes the back stringer which is fastened to the ceiling or wall with the profiled wood clip. For Früh fastening clips, these range from 1.8 - 6 mm groove cheek thickness, which means you can fasten profiled boards with up to 6 mm groove cheek thickness.

Groove depth (A):

The milled groove depth (A) of your profiled wood must always match the groove depth of the profiled board clamp. Otherwise, optimal screwing of your wall or ceiling cladding cannot be guaranteed.

If these two factors are taken into account when selecting your hidden board fasteners and your profiled board, you can use Früh profiled board claws to fasten your ceiling or wall optimally. Thus, you can install your ceiling or wall paneling without nail heads or spackle points, creating an invisible fastening.

The profile wood clamps are always mounted on a wooden substructure.

Looking for an alternative?

You want to save time and nerves with your substructure and the installation of the cladding? We would be happy to inform you about the use of the Früh quick-build rail.

With this form of installation, you can attach your "hidden board fasteners" directly to the quick installation rail using the screw-in function and thus achieve the best possible result in a significantly faster time. We calculate with approx. 2/3 time savings.

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